Your established business phone number is part of the identity of your successful company, right?

It's on your business cards, on Google searches, and your website.

You really should be using it for texting with customers and prospects.

textJab - Happy Customer

Most of your customers would prefer to get a text message from you, rather than a phone call.

It happens everyday. Your customer's order is ready to be picked up. You need to get them to approve additional work. You need to reschedule an appointment.

You call them. You leave a message. You wait to hear back. All this takes time...a lot of it. And time is... well, money, right?

Your customers are busy too. They can't always take your call when it is convenient for you. However, most people will see a text message almost immediately. They can normally respond to a text message sooner and more conveniently...and they do.

Convenient for them. Convenient for you. Win win. out your mobile number is not what you would call "convenient", right?

We get it. We agree. You can give your customers the convenient conversations they want and make your life easier all at the same time.

It's time to text-enable your business phone number.

Your established business phone number is part of your company identity. It's in your advertising. It's on your invoices. It's on your website. It's listed on Google and social media. It's everywhere. It's how customers and prospects try to reach you. Why wouldn't you want to use it for texting too?

Do you know what happens when they send a text message to your landline number right now?

Do you know what a black hole is? That is likely where those messages are now.

If your landline is not text-enabled you are ignoring prospects and customers who are trying to reach you. Yikes!

Consider this...

textJab - Landline Texting

Texting is Expected

Texting is such a common way for people to communicate. They expect that you should be able to communicate with them this way. They really do. It’s more convenient, more discrete, and less disruptive than a phone call. It is the preferred method for most people today for basic communication. A quick glance and a simple response and the conversation moves along.

textJab - Landline Texting

Your Staff Will Be More Productive

Phone tag. Yuck! The time it takes to dial their phone, let it ring several times, listen to their recording, then leave a message. It all takes time. Not to mention how long it can take for them to return your call.

Why not type a quick message and hit send? No more phone tag. You’ll send messages quicker than by dialing their phone. You’ll get responses back quicker. Everyone wins.

textJab - Landline Texting

Ignoring your Customers and Prospects is bad for Business

Without text-enabling your landline, you have no idea how many customer and prospect interactions you are missing. Even if you don’t care about the stuff you’ve already read above, you should at least care about this. Make sure that when people reach out to you via text that their message lands safely in a place that you can engage. Ignoring them is probably not the best idea ;)

Makes sense. So how does it work?

When you sign up for a TextJab account you authorize TextJab to become your texting provider for your phone number. We take care of the details. Nothing changes with your voice calls. Calls continue to work with your current provider. When you log in to your textJab account you'll be able to receive and send text messages from your landline. No more black hole.

Welcome to the beginning of convenient customer conversations.

Pretty cool, right?

Have you ever tried texting your own business landline number?

Give it a try. Pick up your mobile phone. Send a text message to your business phone number. See what happens.

No, I mean it. Really try it. This is the only way you can see what your customers and prospects experience when they try and text you.

See? Black Hole. Those messages are simply not landing anywhere. Yikes!

Stop and Think for a Minute.

Why wouldn't you want to text enable your landline?

Did you know...

98% of received text messages are read.

Nearly 60% of consumers have tried to reply via text to a missed phone call.

73% of consumers wish that they could engage with businesses via text.

100% of consumer text messages to your business landline number are failing to reach you.
(ok, we made that one up, but it's true if your landline is not text-enabled ;)

Of course, you have questions...

TextJab gives you the place for convenient customer conversations.


How do I send/receive text messages?

Simply log in to the textJab app on your computer or phone. It works right in your web browser. Any new messages you’ve received while you were offline will be shown as NEW messages. Use the simple chat interface to respond and send new messages. If you can text using your mobile phone, you can text using textJab. Nothing to install. Nothing to download. Simply log in and you are ready to go. Stay logged in throughout the day to receive notifications of new messages.

textJab - Landline Texting

textJab - Landline Texting

How does this affect my current phone number?

Your landline phone number stays exactly the way it is now. TextJab does not impact your voice service in any way. Texting and voice calls use completely different technology. When you setup your account you will give textJab permission to become your texting provider. You’ll answer a few quick questions about your landline, then textJab calls you to confirm that the number belongs to you and BAM! you are text-enabled. No more living in the past. Welcome to the present.


What kind of commitment is required?

TextJab is a monthly subscription. You pay in advance for the service each month. We’ll keep your card on file and charge your card each month so you don’t have to worry about paying the bill. You may cancel the recurring billing at any time. Once you cancel your recurring billing your textjab account will deactivate on your next billing date. No long-term commitment needed.

textJab - Landline Texting

textJab - Landline Texting

Can I try it before I buy?

You bet! Every textJab account comes with a free trial. Go ahead and setup your account now. Try it for free for 10 days (or 100 messages, whichever comes first).


Can I have more than one phone number or more than one user?

Of course. Your business may have multiple phone numbers. You may have phone number for certain types of calls. Your textJab account can also handle this. You’ll just pay an additional fee for each number that you bring into your textJab account. You can also have any number of users in your business, and you decide which numbers they can use for texting. It's almost like we designed this with you in mind ;)

textJab - Landline Texting

textJab - Landline Texting

What about sending photos or group texting?

Group messages and photos are an important part of any texting application. textJab handles it all. A prospect can text you a photo of their broken widget and you can respond. A customer may include other family members on a text to you to keep everyone in the loop. It’s all included with textJab.

You can be sending and receiving text messages from your landline in less than 5 minutes.

That's all it takes. Create an account and get started right away.

No commitment. No strings attached. No complicated interface. No learning curve.
Just texting, plain and simple.

It's FREE to try for 10 days.
Then less than a dollar a day!


Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.